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A gateway to tools that guide decisions about coastal management.

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Integrated Nowcast/Forecast Operation System (INFOS)

INFOS combines real-time observations from various sources to create nowcasts and forecasts that help visitors to the Great Lakes make safe decisions about swimming and other water sports.

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UW-Madison

Use INFOS Port Washington…

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SSEC Real Earth Map Server Project

RealEarth is a data discovery and visualization platform with hundreds of products in over 50 categories.

Space Science and Engineering Center, UW-Madison

Use the tool…

View Lake Michigan WI nearshore imagery…

View Great Lakes Surface Environmental Analysis…

View winter road conditions with precipitation rate/phase…
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Wisconsin Manure Management Advisory System

This tool provides a set of maps that help farmers who apply nutrients to identify suitable cropland areas for spreading. There are maps for both daily application planning and long-term nutrient management.

Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection

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Sea Caves Watch

This tool provides photos and data about conditions at the sea caves on the mainland of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. It is intended to help kayakers make informed decisions about visiting the caves.

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UW-Madison

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Read ‘Apostle Islands sea caves safer for kayakers, thanks to UW’ in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel…
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Wisconsin Beach Health

This tool helps people make informed choices about health risks when deciding to go to the beach. Water quality sampling is provided for public beaches on the Great Lakes and inland waters.

U.S. Geological Survey

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This tool identifies barriers to fish migration in the Great Lakes basin and helps target the best candidates for removal. The goal is to work across jurisdictions to coordinate barrier removal and most efficiently achieve the greatest increase in fish habitat.

McIntyre Lab at the University of Wisconsin Center for Limnology and the Optimization Group at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery

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GLRI Phragmites Decision Support Tool Mapper

This tool provides resource managers with information to strategically develop effective Phragmites control and invasion prevention programs within 10 km of the Great Lakes coasts.

U.S. Geological Survey in partnership with MTRI and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

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View ‘powerpoint slides providing an overview of the tool…’
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Great Lakes Environmental Response Management Application (ERMA)

This tool supports emergency responders and environmental resource managers with coastal pollution cleanup, restoration, and response efforts in the Great Lakes basin.

NOAA, Office of Response and Restoration with the University of New Hampshire and U.S. EPA

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Virtual Beach

“Virtual Beach” is a free decision-support software that enables coastal beach managers, public health professionals, and applied researchers to efficiently develop and operate water-quality models to inform beach-specific decisions on: (1) Whether to issue (or lift) swim advisories/closures on a given day; (2) What type of lab test (if any) to run on a given day; and (3) Where and how to prioritize long-term remediation efforts.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency/U.S. Geological Survey/Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources/Wisconsin Sea Grant

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Outreach from Wisconsin Sea Grant about using Virtual Beach, including step-by-step training videos…

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