Quick access to maps, tools, data and learning resources relevant to specific coastal management issues on the Great Lakes.


All of Wisconsin’s coastal communities are vulnerable to flooding. The resources featured in this topic are organized by the four phases of emergency management – preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation. Utilizing these resources can help local officials and property owners become more resilient to flooding hazards.

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Bluff Erosion

Erosion of coastal bluffs is a serious issue for many Great Lakes communities in Wisconsin. These resources help in identifying and addressing coastal bluff erosion.

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Ports, Harbors & Marinas

Commercial shipping in Wisconsin requires well-maintained ports and harbors, while recreational boating relies on access to marinas and other landings. These resources help guide decision-making about the marine infrastructure that supports shipping and boating.

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Wisconsin’s 185 Great Lakes beaches are playgrounds for summer fun. These resources help local officials make informed decisions about beach management and help beach visitors stay safe..

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Green Bay

Green Bay is recognized as the largest large freshwater estuary in the world. Its waters are nutrient rich and high in biological productivity, making it an important area for many fish species and migratory birds. The resources featured in this topic provide a better understanding of the Green Bay ecosystem and guide decision-making about its management.

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Nearshore Freshwater Habitats

Nearshore freshwater habitats are an important component of the complex and dynamic Great Lakes Basin and are vital to the success of Wisconsin’s coastal communities. These areas are a key priority for restoration and protection because they are the source of drinking water for most coastal communities, are the areas of the lakes where most human recreation (e.g., swimming, boating, and fishing) and education opportunities occur, and are the critical ecological link between watersheds and the open waters of the Great Lakes.

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