Ports, Harbors & Marinas

Commercial shipping in Wisconsin requires well-maintained ports and harbors, while recreational boating relies on access to marinas and other landings. These resources help guide decision-making about the marine infrastructure that supports shipping and boating.

Getting Started
  • Wisconsin Ports Map
    Explore 14 commercial ports on the Great Lakes and Mississippi River in Wisconsin.

  • Wisconsin Marinas Map
    Find marina owners and operators and marine-related businesses in Wisconsin.

Promoting Resilient Ports and Harbors
  • GreatLakes Port and Harbor Infrastructure and Dredging Cost Evaluation Matrix Case Study
    A matrix model to estimate the cost of building and maintaining structures at large ports in the Great Lakes.

  • Failing Coastal Wood Infrastructure on the Great Lakes Publication
    Fact sheet on timber structure failure mechanisms and potential solutions.

  • Best Practice Inspection Guidelines for Great Lakes Port, Harbor and Marina Structures Publication
    Fact sheet with inspection guidelines to prevent structure deterioration

  • Climate Change and Adaptation Strategies for Great Lakes Ports, Harbors and Marinas Publication
    Fact sheet on potential future Great Lakes water levels and their possible impacts to waterfront facilities

  • Ports Resilience Index: A Port Management Self-Assessment Online Guide

Promoting Clean and Resilient Marinas
  • Wisconsin Clean Marina Best Management Practices Toolkit
    The program provides guidance, training and education that help marina and boatyard operators improve their management practices. A guidebook provides best practices that address marine facilities and nonpoint sources of pollution.

  • Great Lakes Clean Marina Network Network

  • Resilient Marinas Toolkit
    Resources that improve understanding of potential climate-related impacts and provide a suite of management practices, infrastructure improvements, and funding options.

Boater Maps and Information
  • Boather's View Map
    Integrates forecast models and buoy data with information about boat launches and marinas.

  • Great Lakes Nautical Chart Catalog and Chart Viewer Map
    Nautical charts for the Great Lakes are available in many digital formats from the NOAA Office of Coast Survey.

  • Great Lakes Environmental Response Management Application (ERMA) Map
    This tool supports emergency responders and environmental resource managers with coastal pollution cleanup, restoration, and response efforts in the Great Lakes basin.