Shoreline Inventory and Oblique Photo Viewer



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This interactive map includes geolocated oblique air photos of Wisconsin’s shorelines from the mid-1970s to present day, shoreline inventories showing coastal structures, assessments of bluff conditions, bluff and bathymetric profiles, and – for southeast Wisconsin – measurements of short-term and long-term shoreline recession.


  • View trends in shoreline inventory data over time 
  • Visualize areas based on shoreline condition assessments 
  • View shoreline recession data for southeast coastlines 
  • Compare aerial photos to the data gathered during shoreline inventory procedures 
  • Download photos and data 

Guidance & Resources

The Wisconsin Shoreline Inventory and Oblique Photo Viewer is designed to help users better understand Wisconsin’s Great Lakes coastlines and how they’ve changed over time. It’s intended for anyone to use, including decision makers, planners, managers, and property owners.

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