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RealEarth is a data discovery and visualization platform that provides quick and continuous visualization of Earth observation imagery and data. RealEarth offers hundreds of products in over 50 categories. 


  • Animate time-series loops using a variety of land, oceanic, and atmospheric remote sensing imagery and related data 
  • Access near real-time weather data in standards-based web mapping formats
  • Upload your own data to the site in a variety of formats and view it almost immediately

Guidance & Resources

RealEarth was developed to support outreach and collaboration efforts of scientists. The site provides rapid visual access to recent and near real-time data in standards-based web mapping formats. The system can be configured to accommodate long-term access and longitudinal studies, but its strength is the programmatic production of near real-time weather web services. 

Map Custodian & Partners

Recommended Products

  • UW-Madison Space Science and Engineering Center 
  • UW-Madison Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies 


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