The Legend of the Lost Emerald


Great Lakes

Level of Effort



In this game, kids take on the role of maritime archaeologists exploring shipwrecks on the Great Lakes. Throughout the game, they’ll use the practices of real archaeologists to locate shipwrecks and uncover the stories of the past.

Goals of the Game

  • Learn how to gather and evaluate sources of information
  • Use geographic tools and ways of thinking to analyze the world
  • Use historical evidence for determining cause and effect

Guidance & Resources

This game is intended for children in grades 4-6. The game is aligned with the Wisconsin Academic Standards and takes about two class periods of 35-40 minutes to complete. Teachers can use this game to introduce kids to historical practices and themes from ecology, technology, and Wisconsin history. Students will learn about the role of maritime archaeologists, archivists, historians, and museum curators. The game introduces four different time periods in maritime history, ranging from wooden schooners in the mid-1800s to steel freighters in the 1960s.

Resource Custodian & Partners

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