Stories and Science of the St. Louis River Estuary


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This website connects aquatic science research on the impact of human development in the St. Louis River watershed and estuary with stories of important local resource issues and place-based learning activities.

Goals of the Website

  • Interweave science and stories to illustrate the complexity and multiple perspectives within the estuary’s social, economic, and ecological systems
  • Advance spatial literacy and conversation around environmental sustainability in coastal communities
  • Provide place-based learning opportunities

Guidance & Resources

The St. Louis River Estuary project is about connecting the stories with the science of the St. Louis River Estuary to enhance spatial awareness and stewardship of the estuary. The stories, or spatial narratives, are told through vignettes of local resource activities, framed by perspectives of local people. The spatial narratives, developed through interviews and research, target six key activities of the estuary.

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  • University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • University of Wisconsin-Superior


place-based learning, community, fishing, ricing, shipping, recreation, restoration, St. Louis River Estuary, Wisconsin, Minnesota