Great Lakes Quests



Level of Effort



Great Lakes Quests are virtual learning activities about coastal issues and places in Wisconsin in the form of an interactive story map. The quests contain educational components including links to external multimedia content and inquiry-based questions to answer.

Goals of the Quests

  • Increase awareness of natural, cultural, and historical coastal issues both locally and statewide
  • Increase access to the relevant and on-going coastal issues for both local and non-local participants
  • Engage all of Wisconsin and help develop Wisconsin’s identity as a coastal state
  • Bridge virtual and in-person experiences using a novel approach to place-based learning

Guidance & Resources

There are two different types of quests. The first type addresses coastal issues facing a community on the Great Lakes, such as building resilience to coastal hazards or ecological restoration. The second type features Wisconsin coastal counties; those quests were guided by interactions with Wisconsin 4-H Clubs. The quests are designed for users with at least a middle school reading level.

Resource Custodian & Partners

Related Learning Opportunities

  • University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute
  • Upham Woods Outdoor Learning Center


place-based learning, exploration, coastal issues, coastal counties, quests, Great Lakes, Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Wisconsin