The catalog section of the Wisconsin Coastal Atlas provides several paths to discover, assess, and download geospatial data for the Great Lakes coasts of Wisconsin. Catalog resources include Open Geoportal - a map-based interface to search, preview and download geospatial data; GeoNetwork - an interoperable geospatial metadata catalog; a simple data download table inspired by the open data catalog at the City of Vancouver, BC; and links to a variety of state, regional and national geospatial catalogs.


Coastal Data Access Matrix

The WCA Coastal Data Access Matrix encourages data sharing by providing coastal geospatial data in different formats including Esri shapefiles and Google Earth KML and KMZ files. Click on the green checkmarks to download data. Documentation is available by clicking the name of the data set.
UW Sea Grant

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WCA GeoNetwork

This data search interface for the Wisconsin Coastal Atlas is powered by GeoNetwork, a catalog application to manage spatially referenced data.
UW Sea Grant

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WCA Open Geoportal

This data search interface for the Wisconsin Coastal Atlas (currently under development) is part of The Open Geoportal, a consortium led by Tufts University which provides organizations the opportunity to share thousands of geospatial data layers, maps, metadata, and development resources through a single common interface.
UW Sea Grant

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Coastal Data Access Matrix

Beaches, Great Lakes, Wisconsin    
Bike Routes, Coastal Counties, Wisconsin    
Bluff Toe, Kenosha County, 1956
Bluff Toe, Kenosha County, 2000
Bluff Top, Kenosha County, 1956
Bluff Top, Kenosha County, 2000
Bluff Toe, Racine County, 1956
Bluff Toe, Racine County, 2000
Bluff Top, Racine County, 1956
Bluff Top, Racine County, 2000
Bluff Toe, Milwaukee County, 1956
Bluff Toe, Milwaukee County, 2000
Bluff Top, Milwaukee County, 1956
Bluff Top, Milwaukee County, 2000
Bluff Toe, Ozaukee County, 1956
Bluff Toe, Ozaukee County, 1999
Bluff Top, Ozaukee County, 1956
Bluff Top, Ozaukee County, 1999
Bluff Toe, Sheboygan County, 1961
Bluff Toe, Sheboygan County, 1999
Bluff Top, Sheboygan County, 1961
Bluff Top, Sheboygan County, 1999
Bluff Toe, Manitowoc County, 1961
Bluff Toe, Manitowoc County, 1999
Bluff Top, Manitowoc County, 1961
Bluff Top, Manitowoc County, 1999
Bluff Toe, Kewaunee County, 1961
Bluff Toe, Kewaunee County, 2000
Bluff Top, Kewaunee County, 1961
Bluff Top, Kewaunee County, 2000
Boat Access, Great Lakes, Wisconsin    
Circle Tour Route, Lake Michigan
Circle Tour Route, Lake Superior
Coastal Zone, Wisconsin
Historic Sites, Lake Superior, Wisconsin    
Land Use, Door County, 2007
Land Use, Florence County, 2009
Land Use, Kewaunee County, 2006
Land Use, Manitowoc County, 2010
Land Use, Marinette County (north), 2008
Land Use, Marinette County (south), 2008
Land Use, Oconto County, 2007
Land Use, Sheboygan County, 2002
Land Use, St. Louis River Estuary, Douglas County, 2013
Land Use, St. Louis River Estuary, St. Louis County, 2013
Land Use, Town of Peshtigo, 2008
Lighthouses, Great Lakes, Wisconsin    
Marinas, Wisconsin    
Nature Centers, Coastal Counties, Wisconsin    
Oblique Photos, Great Lakes, Wisconsin, 2007    
Parks, Great Lakes, Wisconsin    
Panorama Photos, Great Lakes, Wisconsin    
Rustic Roads, Coastal Counties, Wisconsin    
Shipwrecks, Great Lakes, Wisconsin
Shipwrecks (featured on    
State Natural Areas, Coastal Counties, Wisconsin    
Web Mapping Sites, Counties, Wisconsin  
Web Mapping Sites, Municipalities, Wisconsin  


Wisconsin Catalogs
Wisconsin State Cartographer's Office and Robinson Map Library
This map-based search interface allows educational users from the University of Wisconsin-Madison to find and download local GIS data for nearly all of Wisconsin's 72 counties from the geospatial archive at the Robinson Map Library.

Find Wisconsin Spatial Data
Wisconsin State Cartographer's Office
Status maps for the following high priority data sets: elevation (LiDAR), parcels, wetlands, and orthophotos.

Wisconsin Data Collections
Robinson Map Library
The geospatial archive at the Robinson Map Library dates back to 2006 and includes tax parcels and assessment data, transportation networks, addressing/E911, municipal boundaries, land use, hydrography, and zoning from counties, cities and regional planning commissions.

Wisconsin Catalog of Aerial Photography, Wisconsin State Cartographer's Office

Geospatial Metadata and Data Download, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Great Lakes Catalogs
Open Geoportal, Great Lakes Coastal Resilience Planning Guide, Association of State Floodplain Managers

Great Lakes Geoportal, SharedGeo and the US Fish and Wildlife Service

Great Lakes Information Network - Data Access, Great Lakes Commission

Data Catalog, Great Lakes Observing System

Metadata Catalog, Great Lakes Observing System

Thredds Catalog, Great Lakes Observing System

Great Lakes Model Inventory, Great Lakes Observing System

Science Base Catalog, Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, USGS

Metadata Catalog, Natural Resources Research Institute, University of Minnesota-Duluth

National Catalogs
Digital Coast, NOAA Coastal Services Center

Data Registry, Digital Coast, NOAA Coastal Services Center


The National Cadastral Data Infrastructure, GIS Inventory
Query centered on Wisconsin. Counties identified in green on the map provide a web site to view and/or download digital parcel data. Select a county on the map to view this information.

Geoportal, NOAA National Climatic Data Center

Geoportal, NOAA National Geophysical Data Center

Geoportal, NOAA National Oceanographic Data Center

Data Catalog, Integrated Ocean Observing System

USGS Information for Marine Planners and Resource Managers, USGS Coastal and Marine Geology Program

Data Basin, Conservation Biology Institute (search query on 'Wisconsin')

Geolode, a collaborative catalog of open geodata websites around the world.

Geocatalog Software and Standards
GeoNetwork opensource




Geoportal Server, Environmental Systems Research Institute

CS-W clients for ArcGIS, Environmental Systems Research Institute

OpenGIS Catalogue Service Implementation Specifications, Open Geospatial Consortium

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